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Court of Protection
Reduce your expenses and increase your profits
- charge for copying client files

25 - That is how many years we have been costing Court of Protection cases

000's - That's how many cases we have costed over the years

90%+ - The average Profit Costs recovery for our top Court of Protection Clients

50 - Years of experience in our Court of Protection team

0 - That's what we charge for copying client files

We help you reduce your overhead expenses and increase your profits.

Here’s how we can help reduce your overhead expenses:

We print your paperless file for lodgment at the SCCO 

We check your summarily assessed Bill, complete the figures and the bill summary

Advise on whether an Appeal is needed

Provide you with a breakdown of costs for the OPG 105 estimate

Accept whatever the Court allows for our fees

Won’t ask for payment until you have been paid.

And all of this at NO EXTRA COST to you.

Which means you reduce your irrecoverable costs and overhead expenses

BUT we also;

1.    Provide a 14-day guaranteed turnaround on your cases
2.    Will courier collect your file if you are not paperless
3.    Provide a quarterly report on your cases showing your percentage recovery
4.    Provide feedback on what you can do to increase your recovery
5.    Provide specialist Court of Protection Costs training

And because we have been costing Court of Protection cases for more than 25 years we know what the Court expects and can help you

to maximise your recovery.

Get in touch now – to see if you can save time and money.


Email us on

Call us on 01244 317543

Nationwide Service, Specialist Teams, Courier Collection and Delivery of Files, Deferred Payment Terms, Free Costs Training and Free Advice 

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