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The SRA requires solicitors to be transparent about pricing – and we believe Costs Lawyers should too.

As with everything we do, our intention is to provide clear and honest information. 

Our Pricing

Our standard hourly charging rate is the National GHR Grade D (£126) (to ensure its recovered) and this applies to all work we do in respect of bill preparation and negotiations, up to the Provisional Assessment limit of £75,000.  For costs cases exceeding the Provisional Assessment limit we charge at the National GHR Grade C (£177-£178) for your location and this applies to all bills, negotiations, and advocacy.

But few of our clients are on ‘Standard Terms’. We aim to create a package of terms which is bespoke to you, which often combines percentages and rates to ensure the best fit for the work you do coupled with a willingness to ‘take a view’ when needed. But in simple terms the more work we do for you, the better terms we can provide.

We do not pretend to be the cheapest option. But as the saying goes if you pay peanuts, you get costs monkeys.  


If you want the best value option you’ve come to the right place.

So, remember - outstanding service + increased recovery = best value.

Nationwide Service, Specialist Teams, Courier Collection and Delivery of Files, Deferred Payment Terms, Free Costs Training and Free Advice 

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